Talking about the advantages of LAN based Examination System

LAN-based examination system is equivalent to local deployment, which means that the online examination system is deployed on the local server or cloud server. LAN examination system is secure, stable and efficient with APACHE+MYSQL+GO (support high concurrent architecture),  B/S mode and simple extension.

Taking LAN Exam Maker as an example, this article will introduce the advantages of LAN examination system:


High Safety and Stability

Large enterprises and government units pay more attention to data security, and LAN examination system can reduce the possibility of information disclosure. LAN examination system is based on the client’s own server deployment, their data does not need to be uploaded to the third-party server or the cloud server. External staff cannot access any data from independently deployed examination systems, private data is more guaranteed.

Convenient to Deploy

No need for technical team, just download and install LAN Examination System. The system automatically installs the required components, so users do not need to worry about technical problems. After installation, the system can be opened and used normally. The system can be strictly controlled, suitable for long-term operation and development, easy installation and automatic backup of data.


Extensive Use of Resources

Visible hardware asset resources can be controlled and deployed. Moreover, data transmission between systems is faster through Intranet. In localized deployment mode, all critical equipment such as hardware, licenses, servers, operating systems are acquired, installed, controlled and operated within an institution’s business scope.

Powerful Functional Modules

Create independent LOGO and brand, users can bind domain name and set personalized examination background to create exclusive examination system. LAN Exam Maker has high concurrent to support 1000+ people to take a same online examination simultaneously. LAN Exam Maker has perfect invigilation function, which can set up random questions, face recognition, video monitoring and other functions.


Multi-ends, Both Intranet and Extranet are Available

Students can take exams on PC and mobile phone anytime and anywhere. LAN Exam Maker focuses on various needs of online learning and training. Interactive learning can be realized without going out. The internal and external network access the system at the same time, showing a new Internet examination thinking.


After purchasing LAN Exam Maker, we will supply free upgrade. Enterprises and educational institutions can choose whether to deploy the LAN version according to the above advantages of  LAN Examination System.

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