Upgrade Log


25th Apr, 2022


1.Updated exam record page with new style

2.Optimized candidate classification and test paper operation experience

3.Optimized the data update problem of clicking next paper when correcting the test papers

4.Optimized the face detection process during exams

5.Optimized the opening speed of the exam details page

6.Optimized multiple exception styles on the mobile side

7.Fixed rendering of special exam questions in candidate reports

8.Fixed the logic of repeated test questions in random selection of Prize Quiz


8th May, 2021


1.Optimized LAN version upgrade procedure

2.Fixed the problem of error reporting when exporting candidate data

3.Upgraded pdf conversion plugin

8th Apr, 2021


1.Added the function of test question label management

2.Added a new mode for filling in the blanks

3.Added statistical analysis function to export multiple test papers by group

4.Added the setting of certificate authority

5.Added audio and video functions in the analysis of test questions

6.Optimized the test question import to recognize some special formulas

7.Optimized the logic of exam starting and handover

8.Optimized the certificate editing logic and interface

9.Fixed the permission error of the sub-administrator to delete the test paper

10.Fixed the problem of incorrect score calculation of comprehension questions under special circumstances

11.Fixed the problem that the remarks of the score in the essay question are displayed abnormally in comprehension questions

20th Jan, 2021


1.Added some certificate templates for users

2.Added exam watermark function on the test side

3.Added the drawing board of essay question on the test side

4.Added the new functions to candidates' photos from registration record

5.Added the function to checking wrong questions redoing records of candidates

6.Added the function to delete certificate awarding records

7.Added some default test questions for new users to try for the first time

8.Optimized the audio playing setting of the test paper

9.Optimized the camera-related guidelines on the test side

10.Optimized the user experience of comprehension questions on the mobile test side

11.Optimize the logic of importing test questions

12.Optimize the field management in the candidate list and support to view the unused fields

13.Fixed the problem that certificates cannot be issued after manual scoring

14.Fixed the examination paper classification logic displayed in candidate back-end


22nd Dec, 2020


1.Added certificate management function for conducting certificate exams;

2.Added announcement management, users can publish announcements in the candidates' back-end;

3.Added the function of uploading photos and attachments by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone for answering essay questions;

4.Added new version of the batch import questions function;

5.Added new version of the sub-administrator;

6.Optimized the setting of test records when all groups are available to filter invalid questions by group;

7.Optimized related export functions in exam records;

8.Optimized exam authentication function;

9.Optimized statistical analysis time selection, statistical analysis printing;

10.Fixed the problem of errors in statistical analysis under special circumstances by group statistics;

28th Sept, 2020


1.Added new version of the Candidate Management;

2.Added new version of the Exam Management;

3.Added new version of the Statistical Analysis;

4.Added audio play times setting and the login setting;

5.Optimized the logic of part-by-part exam;

6.Optimized the audio and video upload tool;

7.Optimized the wrong questions and re-practice page logic;

8.Optimized the logic of data reporting errors in the exam;

15th July, 2020


1.Optimized the full screen exam mode and support to turn on the camera invigilation;

2.Optimized the export test record function;

3.Optimized the camera invigilation function;

4.Optimized the sub-administrator setting interface;

5.Optimized matching question style;

6.Optimized the uploading attachment function of questionnaire;

7.Optimized the uploading photos function of quiz questions;

8.Optimized the uploading functions of article cover;

9.Optimized the my homepage style and display logic;

10.Optimized the export of candidate comparison data;

11.Optimized exam record ranking logic;

12.Fixed the problem that the camera cannot take pictures when there are few questions;

13.Fixed the download function of question and answer attachments;

14.Fixed the problem that users can’t export and edit test questions with pictures;

15.Fixed the problem that the article draft box cannot be deleted;

15th Mar, 2020


1.Added the full screen exam mode, one more anti-cheating function (only support to use on PC side);

2.Optimized the user experience of candidate login and sub-administrator login;

3.Fixed the problem that the registration cannot be entered on the information page after opening the registration;

4.Fixed the problem of data duplication in the learning list of sub-administrators;

5.Fixed the issue that only one photo can be uploaded in the batch upload function;

6.Fixed the error correction function;


30th Dec, 2019


1.Added the sorting questions, matching questions, and Cloze's batch import templates;

2.Added the New version of My Homepage;

3.Added the function of exporting ranking list;

4.Added the function of one-click clearing points;

5.Optimized statistical analysis of questionnaire collection items;

6.Optimized the mobile style of sharing leader boards;

7.Optimized the method of rechecking test questions, which can be checked by classification;

8.Optimized added functions of sub-admin;

9.Optimized the functions to answer download function of the question and answer attachment;

02nd Aug, 2019


1.Optimized the weekly taking detail of exams;

2.Optimized the function about destination groups’ login;

3.Optimized the loading of question categories;

4.Optimized the sorting mode of question management;

5.Fixed the problem that questions can not be exported to word;

6.Fixed the slow query about statistic analysis;

7.Fixed the bug appearing when use the email function;

8.Fixed the problem of questionnaire content;

9.Fixed the problem that can not customized the exam information;

10.Fixed the problem that administrators can not view the photos of candidates when printing transcript;

11.Fixed the error in sub administrators quantity;

12.Fixed the exception state of questionnaire;

13.Fixed the problem that administrators can not delete the repeated questions of quiz game;

14.Fixed the problem that other types of questions appeared in quiz game (quiz game can only support single choice questions);

15.Fixed the problem that administrators can not change the cover of exam;

16.Fixed the problem that sub administrators can not use the search function of exam;

17.Fixed the problem that the exam homepage can not be previewed;

18.Fixed the problem about the candidates’ login time;

19.Fixed the problem that ad slide pictures can not be displayed on homepage;

20.Fixed the problem that exam record can not be exported;

21.Fixed the problem that when exporting questions with image, the image can not be displayed in word.

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.10.1 Version

22nd Apr, 2019


1. Added the function that users can export the statistical analysis of questionnaires;

2. Added the instant preview, users can preview the exam before publishing;

3. Added the authorization limit of creating registration and questionnaire for sub-administrator;

4. Updated the new version of exam setting, making it more clear and easy to find certain one;

5. Added the function to add awards inventory for quiz games if all the awards are run out;

6. Optimized the function that candidates do not have to login to exam with SSO;

7. Optimized the mark setting of Comprehension Questions;

8. Fixed the bug the users couldn’t move questionnaires to other category;

9. Fixed the bug that the taking times was inaccurate;

10. Fixed the problem that users couldn’t import English question Templates;

11. Fixed the bug exiting in questions duplicate checking;

12. Fixed the problem exiting when manually adding mark for Comprehension Questions;

13. Fixed the bug that the marks were wrong after importing questions to the system;

14. Fixed the bug exiting in exams to be judged on the dashboard ;

15. Fixed the problem of the link skipping to users’ website;

16. Fixed the bug about the taking exam page after deleting the students group.

17. Fixed the language bug of 4.7.0

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.8.2 Version

13th Mar, 2019


Added questionnaire function which support collecting data and statistical analysis;

Added the function to create quiz game, supporting multiplayer and add prizes;

Added the function to batch import questions with formula ;

Added the function to preview test paper on PC side or mobile phone side;

Added operating history to record every importing or exporting history;

Optimized the questions importing, support to import words in bold and italics;

Optimized the function of selecting and randomly selecting questions;

Fixed the problem that user couldn’t view the details of candidate groups

Fixed the problem that the scores are wrong when printing test paper;

Fixed the bug that ID photos could not be displayed;

Fixed the problem about the students management permission for sub-administrator.

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.7.0 Version


15th Nov, 2018


1.Added the new function to batch upload ID photos of candidates;

2.Added the function to customize css in the display page;

3.Added the function to customize the information list of candidates in taking record page;

4.Optimized the display effect of ID photo of candidates in taking record page;

5.Optimized the paging effect of candidates management;

6.Fixed the problem that it showed the wrong score of the random test;

7.Fixed the bug of randomly pulling out questions about fixed test paper;

8.Fixed the problem that the dates of absent candidates in taking record was incorrect;

9.Fixed the bug which would appear when viewing the group information of candidates management;

10.Fixed the problem that the back up data was too large to export and restore;

11.Fixed the problem that when deleting the taking records, the taking times still existed;

12.Fixed the problem that the setting of display page can not be saved;

13.Fixed the problem that the system did not show the importing information when importing questions for the first time;

14.Fixed the problem that users could not import pictures when importing questions by word files;

15.Fixed the problem that users could not modified their personal information.

7th Sept, 2018


Fixed the problem of the essay question mode on the error correction page;

Fixed the problem of the candidates item of self-Registration;

Fixed the bug that the test can not be shared;

Fixed the problem that when importing candidates, the system did not check the information;

Fixed the error of statistical analysis in the random exam;

Fixed the problem that when exporting the absent candidates, users could not export by group;

Fixed the problem that users can not view the exam taken record of the sub group;

Fixed the problem that when exporting the record, the system will auto export the absent list.

24th Aug, 2018


For the multiple choice question with more than one answers and multiple question with one or more than one answers, candidates can get proportional score if missing selection;

Added the function to customize the test and login display page, users can choose the content, color and upload background picture;

Added the function to view the Statistical Analysis Report about certain test in the record page;

Added the paging function of question duplicate checking;

Optimized the export pages, all the export pages became more beautiful now;

Fixed the bug that the deleted test still exist in the test display page;

Fixed the problem about viewing the teaching course when import questions;

Fixed the problem that candidates can not share the test;

Fixed the bug that the display page can not save;

Fixed the problem about the style of importing questions;

Fixed the problem that users can not delete the key words;

Fixed the bug that the logo can not be showed on the test detail page.

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to V4.5.0

26th July, 2018


Added the function that users can archive test;

Added the function of question duplicate checking;

Added the function that users can delete all the data of “taking exam” with one click;

Added the function that users can export all the information of candidates who missed exams;

Added the functions to hand in the test compulsorily;

Optimized the ranking and the problem that users can not export the answer sheet;

Optimized the function that users can set the points when selecting questions;

Optimized the speed of opening the candidates management;

Optimized the score inquiry and candidate login;

Optimized the function of exporting the statistical analysis;

Optimized the page of result when setting “not to show the score”;

Optimized the choice of test covers;

Fixed the bug that users could not download big file;

Fixed the bug that some browsers and IPAD can not prevent switching-screen.

28th June, 2018


Added the function to answer the essay questions by taking picture or voice talking;

Added the function to export the information of candidates;

Added the function to duplicate checking of question bank;

Added the function to copy test papers that administrators want to use for other purposes;

Optimized the reminder when one export the test questions;

Optimized the page of test result (not show the score);

Optimized the sharing page of phone side;

Fixed the bug about the statistical analysis function;

Fixed the information overlapping problem of the candidate groups;

Fixed the bug which will appear sometimes when print the test papers;

Fixed the problem that IPAD and some browsers can not prevent screen switching;

Fixed the problem about the showing of surveillance photos in the report;

Fixed the bug of deleting the exam record.

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to V4.3.6


10th Nov, 2017


Added the new function to batch export the report and answer sheet of candidates to PDF;

Users can view the week details of the tests such as the numbers of the test, the candidates who have taken, the taken times, etc.;

Added the function that when using excel to import question, it supports to add underline, bolding and italics;

Added the function to batch print the transcript;

Optimized the display page to show the test much more beautifully and allow candidates to login;

Optimized the page of test record and add multiple criteria Filter;

Optimized the candidates back-end and optimized the test presentation;

Optimized the content presentation of control center;

Fixed the problem that the categories did not display because of the moving of categories existing in management;

Fixed the Permission bug of sub accounts;

Fixed the bug that the time is not correct when taking exams;

Fixed the other more than 30 bugs.

13th Aug, 2017


Add a new questions type: multiple choice with one or more than one answer;

Users cam preview candidates information after collecting;

Users can import questions to certain Category;

The system can check and avoid repeated question automatically;

Add the function that users can view and print transcript;

The system can recover backup data;

Optimize the concurrent capability;

Optimize the result page, it will be more clear and beautiful to show the information;

Optimize the question that fail to batch import the candidates;

Fixed the question that after saving the questions, the audio and video file will lose;

Fixed the questions that when deleting all the taken record, the wrong question analysis still exist;

Fixed the question that when adding new questions, only multiple choice can choose the category;

Fixed the question that the result page can not be centered.

For more information please clink: Update LAN Exam Maker to V4.1.0