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Getting Started

LAN Exam Maker is an examination system which is available for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac,etc. and it supports to take exams on iPhone, Android, PC, iPad and other devices. The system is easy to operate with powerful features and functions. It is of great benefit to build up exams and intelligent to statistical data analysis. The professional version can be used not only on LAN, but also on Internet.

Install Guide

1. Download the version;

2. Install it on your computer.

Tutorial to Build an Exam

First Step:Basic Information. Log in the system, click [+ New Exam] to create an exam and fill in the exam information and description, then click [Save and Next];

Second Step: Select Questions. Choose a group mode, then click [Add questions]. You can select questions from your question bank or by importing questions using Word or Excel files. Then click [Save and Next];

Third Step: Do Some Settings. Users can set up some settings of the exam ,such as the availability, answer time, practice mode, anti-cheating settings, etc. ; then click [Finish];

Fourth Step: Publish the exam. After the exam created successfully, the link or the QR Code of the exam can be shared to the candidates. The candidates can also go to the homepage to take the exam.