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 Technical Support Team

Welcome to Our Support Center. Here, you can easily retrieve your registration code, search or browse our frequently asked questions and learn from the hundreds of tutorials featuring our many products. If you can't get answers here,please contact support team for help.

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 Retrieve your registration code

  Now you can retrieve your registration code by send us the order number and your buy email at, we will send the registration code to you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

 1. How to upgrade my program to the latest version?

(I see you release new version, how to upgrade my program to the latest version? Will I need to pay for this again?)
Just download the new version from our websites to cover the old version, and your license code will be available for ever!You don't need to pay more, once you purchased license code, all later upgrade versions are free for you.


2. How soon will I get the product I ordered?
After your order is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your order, which contains all of your order data including your INVOICE or RECEIPT. As soon as we received the payment transition, a registration e-mail will be sent to you. Then you can download the program from the URL and register it with the Registration Code which is contained in the registration email.


3. What can I do if I haven't got my registration code after payment?
There are some reasons why this could happen. In most cases, it is because that the registration email is held back as SPAM by your email provider. Actually, you can go to Quick Key code Retrieval Center and fill in a Text box with your registered email address or your order number. Then you can get the key code by yourself. If you can't get it from this way, you can also contact us to get help.


4. How can I get the invoice of my order?
You can view detailed information about your order right online! Pull up a copy of your order by entering your email address. After you find your order, you may view its status, view details of your order, and obtain the invoice. Click here to look up the order. If you can't get it from this way, you can also contact us to get help.

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