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LAN Exam Maker is an examination system independently developed by Smlme Team, which is suitable for enterprises, institutions, government, schools and education institutions to create exams through the Internet or LAN. The system supports users to organize exams, and supports candidates to answer questions on PC side or Mobile Phone side. What is more, Our LAN Exam Maker also has comprehensive data analysis functions, which provides convenience for users to handle the exam situation in all aspects.

Developing LAN Exam Maker, is the correct decision made under the background of fully understanding the innovation of the education industry. The traditional paper-and-pencil test format has its irreplaceable status in some cases, but for practice and most exams, LAN Exam Maker is convenient and fast for users to easily organize the test even without network and for candidates to test and practice anytime and anywhere. Under the circumstance of Internet connection, it is also a big trend to combine examinations with the Internet.

Of course, the birth of the LAN Exam Maker is not only for the user to easily create exams. On the basis of this, our R&D team is more concerned with how to provide more convenience for the test, so that it can not only be applicable to the education industry, but also a good assistant in other fields. Therefore, we never stop more features development, continuous optimization, timely bug fixes, and continuous upgrades. The powerful data analysis function, anti-cheating and other functions are implemented to meet the needs of users.

Our LAN Exam Maker has high stability, strong security as well as powerful functions. There are over 10,000 enterprises or institutions who have purchased our software, and has organized more than 1.4 million exams. LAN Exam Maker is a trustworthy system for users.

“Software makes life much easier”, we are not just saying that. Welcome you to try our product for free!

Our Vision

 Software makes life much easier, use software to create a more wonderful life. 

 Our Mission

 To be a global leading consumer software developer and publisher.

 Our Goals

 To be the largest listed consumer software export company in China within 3 years.

 To be a worldwide well-known consumer software developer and publisher within 5 years. 

Updated on Aug. 2nd, 2018