Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.5.0 Version

Today (11/9/2018) we are pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker  has updated to 4.5.0 version.

In this version, we have added some useful new functions, optimized some features, as well as fixing some bugs.

Here are the detailed information of the new version:

1. For the multiple choice question with more than one answers and multiple question with one or more than one answers, candidates can get proportional score if missing selection;

2. Added the function to customize the test and login display page, users can choose the content, color and upload background picture;

3. Added the function to view the Statistical Analysis Report about certain test in the record page;

4. Added the paging function of question duplicate checking;

5. Optimized the error correction function, users can change the score of candidates if finding some mistakes;

6. Optimized the export pages, all the export pages became more beautiful now;

7. Fixed the bug that the deleted test still exist in the test display page;

8. Fixed the bug that administrators have set "hide the right answers on the result page", but candidates still can view them;

9. Fixed the problem about viewing the teaching course when import questions;

10. Fixed the problem that candidates can not share the test;

11. Fixed the bug that the display page can not save;

12. Fixed the problem about the style of importing questions;

13. Fixed the problem that users can not delete the key words;

14. Fixed the bug that the logo can not be showed on the test detail page.