Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.5.4 Version

Today(8th/11/2018), we are pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker has updated to V 4.5.4.

In this new version, we had added some functions, optimized some features as well as fixing some bugs.

Here are the detailed information:

1.Added the new function to batch upload ID photos of candidates;

2.Added the function to customize css in the display page;

3.Added the function to customize the information list of candidates in taking record page;

4.Optimized the display effect of ID photo of candidates in taking record page;

5.Optimized the paging effect of candidates management;

6.Fixed the problem that it showed the wrong score of the random test;

7.Fixed the bug of randomly pulling out questions about fixed test paper;

8.Fixed the problem that the dates of absent candidates in taking record was incorrect;

9.Fixed the bug which would appear when viewing the group information of candidates management;

10.Fixed the problem that the back up data was too large to export and restore;

11.Fixed the problem that when deleting the taking records, the taking times still existed;

12.Fixed the problem that the setting of display page can not be saved;

13.Fixed the problem that the system did not show the importing information when importing questions for the first time;

14.Fixed the problem that users could not import pictures when importing questions by word files;

15.Fixed the problem that users could not modified their personal information.