Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.8.2 Version

Today (Apr. 22nd,2019), we are pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker has updated to V 4.8.2. In this version, we have added some new function, optimized some features as well as fixing some bugs. 

Here are detailed information about the V 4.8.2.

1.Added the function that users can export the statistical analysis of questionnaires;

2.Added the instant preview, users can preview the exam before publishing;

3.Added the authorization limit of creating registration and questionnaire for sub-administrator;

4.Updated the new version of exam setting, making it more clear and easy to find certain one;

5.Added the function to add awards inventory for quiz games if all the awards are run out;

6.Optimized the function that candidates do not have to login to exam with SSO;

7.Optimized the mark setting of Comprehension Questions;

8.Fixed the bug the users couldn’t move questionnaires to other category;

9.Fixed the bug that the taking times was inaccurate;

10.Fixed the problem that users couldn’t import English question Templates;

11.Fixed the bug exiting in questions duplicate checking;

12.Fixed the problem exiting when manually adding mark for Comprehension Questions;

13.Fixed the bug that the marks were wrong after importing questions to the system;

14.Fixed the bug exiting in exams to be judged on the dashboard ;

15.Fixed the problem of the link skipping to users’ website;

16.Fixed the bug about the taking exam page after deleting the students group.