Client case: use LAN Exam Maker for Student Exam

A medical university in Middle East use our LAN Exam Maker for student exam!

LAN Exam Maker help the university solve many problems such as various tests, massive students, hard to anti-cheating, and so on. The system support the exam with high concurrency and a large number of candidates,  easily to build quizzes, tests, exams and assessments for students or employees with multiple functions.

Here is the vedio from the test site:

LAN Exam Maker is an examination system independently developed by Smlme Team, which is suitable for enterprises, institutions, government, schools and education institutions to create exams through the Internet or LAN. The system supports users to organize exams, and supports candidates to answer questions on PC side or Mobile Phone side. What is more, Our LAN Exam Maker also has comprehensive data analysis functions, which provides convenience for users to handle the exam situation in all aspects. It can not only be applicable to the education industry, but also a good assistant in other fields.

If you are HR or Teacher with heavy exam tasks, try our LAN Exam Maker please!