Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.3.6

Today( 28/6/2018 ), we are pleased to release the new version of LAN Exam Maker 4.3.6.

In this version we have added some important features and fixed some bugs, which are listed below:

1. Added the function to answer the essay questions by taking picture or voice talking

2. Added the function to export the information of candidates

3. Added the function to duplicate checking of question bank

4. Added the function to copy test papers that administrators want to use for other purposes

5. Added the function to delete all the data of "during the exam" with one click

6. Optimized the reminder when one export the test questions

7. Optimized the choice of paper covers, LAN Exam Maker have provided some covers in different types

8. Optimized the page of test result (not show the score)

9. Optimized the sharing page of phone side

10. Optimized some exam templates

11. Fixed the problem that when checking the papers, some error will appear sometimes

12. Fixed the bug about the statistical analysis function

13. Fixed the information overlapping problem of the candidate groups

14. Fixed the bug which will appear sometimes when print the test papers

15. Fixed the problem that IPAD and some browsers can not prevent screen switching

16. Fixed the problem about the showing of surveillance photos in the report

17. Fixed the bug of deleting the exam record

Download the New Version

Some function maps below:

1. The function to copy test papers :


2. The function to duplicate checking of question bank


3. We provide different types of covers: