Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.1.0

 Today( 08/15/2017 ), we are pleased to release the new version of LAN Exam Maker 4.1.0, in this version we have added some important feature and fixed some bugs, which listed below:

  1.  Optimize database performance
  2. Fixed the taken time not accurate problem
  3.  Fixed exported Excel file can not been open problem of the firefox browswer
  4. Added tree level cascade dropdown select
  5. Optimized the operating on category of questions, and exams. support right click to modify, add, delete category, support drag to order position
  6. Added preview for the collect information items.
  7. Added import questions to selected category when importing questions
  8. Added the feature to check whether questions duplicated before importing
  9. Optimized the display of available exams in student's dashboard, it's now much more beauty and easy to handle now.
  10. Added support to parser the paragraph when importing questions from Word Docx file
  11. Beautify the examination results page
  12. Fixed errors when random select questions at the beginning of test
  13. Now Support random select questions both from the parent category and the child category
  14. Added the feature of export student's every question's select to excel file of the exam
  15. Added question type: Indefinite choice question
  16. Added backup and restore feature

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The following image shows the new result page, look, it's more beautiful