Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.3.4

 Today( 24/5/2018 ), we are pleased to release the new version of LAN Exam Maker 4.3.4.

In this version we have added some important features and fixed some bugs, which are listed below:

1. Added the function to export the Excel list of test absentees;

2. Added the function to invigilate with Surveillance Camera;

3. Fixed the problem that sub-administrators can not build random exam;

4. Fixed the problem that sub-administrators can not name the categories;

5. Fixed the problem that the date would turn into numbers when import test questions with Excel files;

6. Added the function to batch export the report and answer sheet OF candidates to PDF;

7. Optimized the Home Page of LAN Exam Maker. It will provide a more beautiful mode for the test appearance, and it allows candidates to login;

8. Added the function to see the weekly exam taken condition. Administrators can see the exams taken, the candidates took the exams in a week and the number of times to take the exam in a week detailedly;

9. Optimized the page of exam record, and add more conditional filter;

10. Added the function to support the underline, blod fonts, and italicize format when users import question with Excel files;

11. Fixed the problem that the movement of  various categories in category management makes the category not displayed;

12. Fixed the permission bug existing in bypass account ;

13. Added the function to batch print the transcripts;

14. Fixed the timing error when taking exams;

15. Optimized the management of candidate back-end, and optimized the appearance of "Start to Test" Page;

16. Optimized the display of the content in Control Center;

17. Fixed another more than 30 bugs.

Download the New Version

Some Function Maps  below:

  You can turn on Surveillance Camera ----a 
powerful anti-cheating features:


It is clear to see the weekly taken condition:


Go to the  "Taken List" and clink to the "View Record" page, you can print the transcripts: