Promotion: How can I get a free license?

LAN Exam Maker Promotion Launches!!! You may have a chance to use our software for free. We will give you a free license!

Since Smlme was born, we has been dedicated to provide a  LAN Exam Maker with powerful  functions for users to easily organize an exam.

Of course, there may be one that you are still worried about how to organize an exam. 

Take it easy, start to know us and try our LAN Exam Maker. We are suitable for you because we are born for exam!

We surely understand that you may have reasonable doubt about our software, and we are open to challenge.

So, in order to dispel the doubt as well as making you have a chance to use our LAN Exam Maker, We launch a promotion!

Attention please! We promise to give you  a free license. It is totally free!

Deadline: June.28th, 2018

How to participate in our activity? There are two ways below.

The First One:

Write an article about the LAN Exam Maker of Smlme, and publish it on your BLOG or Twitter. Your blog article must reach 1,000 PV per day.

The Second One:

Write an article about  the LAN Exam Maker of Smlme, and publish it on your Facebook. Your FB article must gain 200 " Thumps up".

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Article Requirement (Necessary to read) : 

Your article must be related to our software.

1. You must add the link of our product page ( )

2. Detailed functions of our LAN Exam Maker

3. Advantages or benefits of using our software

How to submit your task: 
If you do finish the Task, send your BLOG , Twitter or Facebook article link to

After the whole process, please wait for our reply. 

If your article meet our requirement and pass our audit, we will send you a Discount Code, which can be used to  get a free license from us.

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