How to create a exam, assignments, testing in classroom without network connection?

Normally, we will facing a problem, that we want to build a examination, assignments or a testing in the classroom,  but unfortunately there is no network connection in the classroom, then how we could do? I have studied this problem for few days, I searched the internet by Google, and find a way which works well.


You need a software named LAN Exam Maker which was build for examinations at the place with no internet connection.


  1. A software LAN Exam Maker
  2. A wireless router or at least Local area network available for your students.
  3. A laptop


Firstly, Download and install LAN Exam Maker

You should firstly download and install LAN Exam Maker on you laptop, you can download it from the office website: 


after installation, you can create some exams firstly before you go to the classroom.


Secondly, Setup the Local Area Network( LAN )

Power up the wireless router, create your examinations.


Thirdly, Let your students connect to the wireless router by WIFI

Let your students connect to the wireless router by WIFI, and your tell them the exam taken URL address or the QR Code of the exam, then your students can use iPad, iPhone, Android phone and other mobile device or PC to take the exam. The URL or QR code can be available like the following image shows.


Now, your students are doing the testing now

, after all the students finished the exam, you can view the report on LAN Exam Maker dashboard, like this


Hope this can help you.