How does LAN Exam System help to evaluate the online classes effect?

Now the COVID-19 confirmed cases are still increasing worldwide sharply. Since the school is a high-rate people-gathering place, it is unavoidable but necessary to conduct online classes to combat COVID-19.

Taking online classes is obviously a better choice after COVID-19 exposure. However, have you ever worried about how to evaluate students’ learning effect without printing an exam-paper or teachers monitoring?

Don’t worry! Our LAN Exam System will meet all your needs.How does LAN Exam System help to evaluate the online classes effect?——You can set up an exam and manage a feedback which can directly provide you a clear evaluation report of each students’ learning effect

By using Our LAN exam systemLAN Exam Maker, how to conduct an online exam:

There are four simple steps to create an exam in online exam system!


There are three modes to select questions from the question bank. Administrators can select fixed questions from the question bank.Or they can choose the random mode to select questions by category randomly therefore students will not have the same questions, which is an effective way to prevent students from cheating. The exam questions can also be a mixture of fixed questions and random questions.

add questions.png

After we add questions to the exam, then we can do some settings!

The administrators can set up the time, anti-cheating features, mode, etc. Of the exam.If the credibility of the examinations is required, there are also many powerful anti-cheating features provided by online exam system, such as screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions, no pasting content, surveillance camera, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, which can effectively deter students from cheating.


Finally, just release the exam.

Then, the administrator can send the link or the QR code of the exam to the candidates. Therefore, the candidates can click the link or scan the QR code to take the exam remotely.


Intelligent marking system including Auto-marking and Error Correction Function helps to save time and keep accuracy.

Statistic analysis: Result report, ranking, selective charts will be produced after examination.

Personal backstage: Students here can freely practice, check examination record and review wrong question collection.

If you are finding a way to evaluate the online classes effect and just try the LAN Exam System now, you will be surprised!

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