Get start with LanExamMaker

Create a exam with LanExamMaker is very easy, it only need 3 steps, takes only few minutes. The steps will be introduced below.


Click the exams menu link in the left side of the dashboard page, after you have been log in, in the top right part of the exams manager page there is a new exam button, click the new exam button, the basic information page will shown with you





 Step 1. Fill in the exam basic information



Title field, is the title of the exam, or the name of your exam, you should fill in this field with meaningful words, like ACT math exam for grade tree.

Category field, the category of the exam, the field have listed some categories you have used before, you can click and select one. If none of the category listed suitable for your new exam, you can create a new category by click the link “Add new Category” just below this field to add a new one, it’s very easy

Set exam private field, if you checked this field ( this is enabled only for the paid VIP user ) if you do not want your new exam be shown at the public. First you should at least join the basic subscription.

The image, the image of the exam, your students or employees will quickly get the brief information by take a glance of the image. You can move your move over the image, and click the choose image button to choose the exam image or upload a new image ( in the upload tab )

Keywords, the keywords of your exam, this is used to SEO your exams, your can tag your exam by set the keywords, this is very important.

Description, the descriptions of your exam, write some words in this field to describe your exam, your students or employees may read and understand your exam more deeply.

After you filled all the blanks above, just click the Next button at the end of page, and you will get into the step 2 of OnlineExamMaker exam creation work follow.




Step 2. Select questions from the bank or create a new one



In this step, you need to select some questions from the bank or create some questions for your exam.

Click the add questions button to open the select question window, look likes the following picture

There three tabs on the window, when you opened the pop up window, the New Question tab is been shown. In this tab, you can create new question. There two other tabs, Random select question from bank and the select question from bank. you may need it later


Fill in the blanks of creating a new question, and click the save button at the bottom, the question will be saved and add to this exam you have created.



If you do not want to do some settings, you can click the Use default setting and finish button to finish creating the exam, and you may skip the step 3

Continue to add some questions, and then go to the step 3


Step 3. Make some settings


In the settings page, you can set the exam available date time, authenticate type, attempt times, time limits, question per page, pass mark, theme of the exam and etc. If you don’t know how to setting this options, just click the save button at the bottom of this page.



Click the finish button at the end of the page, then the new exam will be setup successfully.

At this time, a new full customized, questions added exam have been added. Now you can share with your friends.



 Step 4. Show your students the exam you have created.





You can easily share the exam with your students with buttons showed in the above image. You can also copy the exam link and send to your students or employees directly by IM. There is a QR code in the image, you can let your students scan it and do the exam on smart phone