LAN Exam Maker Christmas Suprise:50% off

In order to give back to the  the regular users and the new friends, the Smlme team, who have developed a powerful and smart LAN Exam Maker, are launching a Christmas Promtion-provide 50% Off.

From the officail website of Smlme, during the activity, the LAN Exam Maker is 50% off. The Deadline is Dec.25th, 2018

That means, one now do have the chance to their LAN Exam Maker and take 50% off !  

50% off.jpg

It is understood that it is the first  time that  Smlme provide such favorable price.

Here are the price detail for reference:

The Standard Version is low to $399.5.

The Professional Version is low to $449.5.

"it is the Unprecedented Price should Not be Missed!" A staff of the team said, "If you need our LAN Exam Maker, JUST BUY IT  with the coupon code: DKLXQMJR or click to our official webise( to buy it."