Recommendation: A LAN Exam System for enterprise internal training!

Nowadays, many Enterprises can choose to use the LAN Exam System to build their own intranet exam training system instead of organizing traditional training or assessment methods for business ability evaluation or training exams.

 LAN examination system not only can help us organize online internal training assessment exams for employees to take exam at any time and anywhere on the mobile phone; can also provide powerful functions of the examination system, such as intelligent analysis, data export, etc.


So, Is there a useful intranet LAN exam system?

 In fact, for enterprises, creating their own intranet exam system has become very simple—-Just Try our LAN Exam Maker. First, download an exam system for free on our official website and install it on your computer.


The advantage of the LAN version is that you can create an exam on the intranet even when there is no network.

lan str.png


Many companies conduct job promotion and salary adjustments through performance appraisal. For online appraisal, it can be made through systematic examination analysis, data reports, and employee performance, which provides a basis for the job promotion and salary adjustment.


If you want to form an examination system with your own corporate characteristics and logos, you can add your own logo and name, which can be displayed not only on the management side, but also on the interface where employees answer questions.



Although the LAN Exam System needs to be installed, for some enterprises and schools, the LAN version is deployed locally on their own servers, and the data is more confidential and safe. If your business takes data security very seriously, then using our LAN Exam Maker is a good choice!

Here we provide free version for you now! Download to get it!