The manual marking function of the LAN examination system

After using the examination software system to organize the examination, not only can the papers be automatically approved, but for questions such as essays, we also need the manual marking function.

Our LAN Examination system provide the manual marking function. Today, let us talk about the manual marking function of the LAN examination system.

For objective questions, the LAN examination system will do the grading automatically. But for the subjective questions, such as essay questions, it is for the best that teachers do the grading job manually.

So how does the manual marking function of the LAN examination system work? In fact, it is quite easy.

Firstly, grade manually by paper, that is to say, teachers grade all questions of an exam paper and then move to the next exam paper. Teachers can grade the exam papers after students submit the papers in the exam records. Take Online Exam Maker as an example, entering the exam records of the exam, teachers can see the records of the candidates who have finished the exam; click “GRADE EXAM”, teachers can start marking the papers.


The name of the students’ name will not be displayed in the marking page, which can ensure the fairness of the grading. After marking one exam paper, teachers can click “Continue Next” to move on.


The above is the description of the way of manually grading papers in Online Exam Maker, which is quite simple and convenient!

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