How can LAN examination system provide reliable and accurate student data

Affected by COVID-19, exams have been conducted online by using our LAN examination system. But how can LAN Exam Maker provide teachers with reliable and accurate student data? 


Before creating an exam, students’ information can be imported to the system in batches and the info can be managed by category in the system. Students can log in to take the exam with their accounts.



And to maintain the integrity of the exam, powerful anti-cheating features are provided by the online examination system to make sure that the data is reliable and accurate. There are many effective anti-cheating features, including switching screen limit, interruption limit, real-time screen monitoring, AI proctoring, face recognition, screen lockdown, no copying and pasting, etc, which can effectively deter students from cheating during the exams.



Our LAN Exam Maker system provides rich statistical analysis after students take the exam and rich statistics for each exam, including basic information like average score, highest score, lowest score, pass rate, number of candidates, number of candidates tested and number of candidates not taken; exam question analysis like inaccuracy, category, incorrect times, accuracy and correct times, etc.



Exam details, including the ranking of each candidate, point, start time, etc. can also be viewed by the administrator. Exam records, candidate’ s details, candidate’s answer, candidate’s exam report, etc. can also be exported for use.

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This is how LAN Exam System provide reliable and accurate student data for users. If you need an online examination system, you can try Online Exam Maker, an well-developed online examination system.


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