The need to know about LAN Exam Maker

The default username and password of the system are both:  lanexammaker

please change the password after your first login.

LAN Exam Maker can not only install on your own servers at Local Area Network, but also can install on VPS on the cloud,

you can try deliver exams online too.

LAN Exam Maker can support up to 1000 candidates do the exam at the same time with one server with 16 cores (with pro version).

To run LAN Exam Maker on your server, please meets the following requirements.

1. CPU:            4 core or more;  4 core can support up to 100 candidates do exam at the same time, 6 core 300, 8 core 500.

2. Memory:    4G+, 4G support 100 candidates, 8G support 300, 16G support 1000.

3. OS:            Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, windows 7 and later; if you need linux support, please contact us.

4. Network:    more candidates, the more large bandwidth, you can 20kmbps for one candidate, if you have 100 candidates, then 2Mbps.

After you setup the server, start the LAN Exam Maker service, you can start to create exams on your browser by clicking the 

Open Dashboard button, and then send the exam link to your candidates to start testing.

To do the exam, candidates much meet the following requirements.

1. ANY OS, LAN Exam Maker can support Mac OS, windows, Andorid, IOS ( iPhone, iPad) and etc.

2. Browser should use the latest version, we recommend to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other chrome based browser.