Two different deployment about online exam software: Saas-based and the LAN based system

More and more schools and enterprises will choose to online exam software to reduce costs and improve work efficiency. Of course, few users know how to choose online exam software, and there will be questions about “what deployment method should we use”.

Today, let us talk about the different deployment methods of online exam software for you.

Generally speaking, we can choose the following two deployment methods of exam software

The first onePrivate Deployment(LAN BASED)

If your company takes security very seriously, then we can choose to  online exam software with Private Deployment—LAN Exam software. Some companies paying more attention to data privacy will consider the data security issues of third-party platforms, so they want to store the data in their own databases. The Private Deployment is to connect the data to the company’s internal server.


Compared with the SAAS based system, the cost of Private Deployment is relatively high, but it can be used permanently for a one-time payment.

You can download an free LAN Exam Maker to try.


The second one:  SAAS based

If we choose Saas-based online examination software, then we do not need to download any installation package, we only need to register on a specific website, and we can log in and use it after having an account. This type of deployment can save server hardware costs and the price is relatively low.


You can sign up an free account to try now as well.