Update LAN Exam Maker to 4.10.0 Version

 On July 12th,2019, we were pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker has updated to V 4.10.0. In this version, we have added some new function, optimized some features as well as fixing some bugs. 

Here are detailed information about the V 4.10.0.

1.Added the new version of candidates management;

2.Added the function that administrators can only view the highest score and the related data statistics;

3.Added the function that allow to upload file for questionnaires;

4.Added the function that candidates can redo the wrong questions;

5.Optimized the authentication function of the exam;

6.Optimized the printing function and date extent selecting of statistic analysis;

7.Optimized the function to export statistic analysis to PDF;

8.Fixed the problem to export to answer sheet;

9.Fixed the problem that the exam can not be sorted when marking;

10.Fixed the bug that the title of exam can be repeated;

11.Fixed the problem of random questions drawing;

12.Fixed the problem that the categories were slow loading when sub administrators opened them;

13.Fixed the problem that some question information lost when copy one exam paper;

14.Fixed the error report of categories filter.