Update LAN Exam Maker to v4.16.0

Today (Jan. 21st,2021), we are pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker has updated to V 4.16.0. 

In this version, we have added some new function, optimized some features as well as fixing some bugs. Here are detailed information about the V 4.16.0.

  • Added some certificate templates for users
  • Added exam watermark function on the test side
  • Added the drawing board of essay question on the test side
  • Added the new functions to candidates' photos from registration record
  • Added the function to checking wrong questions redoing records of candidates
  • Added the function to delete certificate awarding records
  • Added some default test questions for new users to try for the first time
  • Optimized the audio playing setting of the test paper
  • Optimized the camera-related guidelines on the test side
  • Optimized the user experience of comprehension questions on the mobile test side
  • Optimize the logic of importing test questions
  • Optimize the field management in the candidate list and support to view the unused fields
  • Fixed the problem that certificates cannot be issued after manual scoring
  • Fixed the examination paper classification logic displayed in candidate back-end

Click to download the New Version