Why Customers Like to Use LAN Exam Maker?

LAN Exam Maker is one of the best-selling and intelligent LAN exam software.

Why customers like to use LAN Exam Maker?

 LAN Exam Maker is an LAN-based Examination System that provides one-stop online testing service for test organizers. LAN Exam Maker integrates the functions of exam organizing, anti-cheating, automatic marking, statistical analysis and other features. LAN Exam Maker is suitable for enterprises, schools and education institutions, which supports users to set questions and organize exams independently.

What online exam services can LAN Exam Maker provide customers?

  • Intelligent and flexible to create exams, support multiple question types and quickly import tens of thousands of questions;
  • Candidates can view their exam-taking record and wrong question collection on the background;
  • Support over 10,000 candidates to test on PC side or mobile phone simultaneously;
  • Auto-judgment and intelligent statistical analysis,real-time examination conditions and exportable analysis report.

What are the functional features of LAN Exam Maker?

  • Question management: supports batch import (Excel and Word files are supported), batch modification and export, etc.;
  • Exam forming mode: pre-selected questions, random questions, pre-selected integrates random questions;
  • Exam management: supports exam access, taken times, anti-cheating, test question confidentiality, examination simulation environment setting, etc.;
  • Participate mode: supports mobile phones, PCs and iPad, etc.;
  • Data analysis: candidates scores, scores analysis, exam analysis, error analysis and other basic reports.ow customers evaluate LAN Exam Maker?

LAN Exam Maker has helped hundreds of thousands of customers complete online exams and has been praised by most customers. The online exam training function of our system fully meets the needs of users.At the same time, LAN Exam Maker is also constantly progressing and developing into a more powerful and high-quality examination system.

A free trial is provided by LAN Exam Maker, if there’s a need for organizing online exams, you can have an trial first. After using LAN Exam Maker, you will know why customers like to use LAN Exam Maker.

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