The most comprehensive anti-cheating function about LAN examination software

It always worries teachers that students may cheat during an exam, no matter it is a traditional exam or an online one, which may result in the decrease of the incredibility of the exam. Most of the exams have been conducted online during the COVID-19 pandemic by using a piece of LAN examination software with powerful anti-cheating features.

It is the comprehensive anti-cheating features provided by LAN examination software that make it almost impossible for candidates to cheat. It includes switching screen limit, interruption limit, lockdown browser, real-time proctoring, face recognition, AI proctoring, no copying or pasting, etc. .

Features that deter students from searching for answers

(1)Switching screen limit

With the feature, while candidates switch screen to search for answers, a warning will be given by the system and the papers will be handed in automatically by the system if it exceeds the switching screen limit.

switching screen limit.png

(2)Interruption limit

Interruption limit can be set up by the administrator. Therefore, the candidates will not be able to stop the exam to search for answers.

interruption limit.png

(3)Lockdown browser

After downloading a tool and installing it, the candidates will enter an exam with lockdown browser. Thus, no social applications are available and the candidates will not be able to exit the exam until the times up or the paper is submitted.

lockdown browser.png

(4)No copying or pasting

Copying or pasting features are prohibited during the exam so the candidates can not copy the questions to search for answers and paste the answers.

Features that inhibit ghost exam takers

(1)Real-time proctoring

The surveillance camera can be turned on during the exam and pictures of the candidates will be taken by the system during the exam which can be checked by the administrator. The administrator can also watch the multi-screen monitoring to ensure the integrity and fairness of an exam.

multi-screen monitoring.png

(2)Face recognition

Face recognition makes it impossible to hire a paid exam taker for candidates. Candidates can not enter the answering page if face matching fails.

face recognition.png

AI proctoring

The system will proctor the exam automatically, detecting multiple candidates, candidates identity, the small movement of candidates and the sound environment, which will prevent a great deal of cheating from happening.

AI proctoring.png

LAN Exam Maker is a well-developed LAN examination system with all the anti-cheating features mentioned above. If you are concerned about the fairness of online exams, try LAN Exam Maker!

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