Which software can customize an online examination system

A good deal of work, such as teaching and enterprise recruitment has been conducted online during the covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, online examination software can do much help during the process. For some educational institutions, schools and enterprises, a piece of customizable online examination software is required to develop an online testing platform of their own brand. Therefore, some may want to know which software can customize an online examination system. What is the answer?

The Answer is LAN Exam Maker, a Customizable online examination software !

There are lots of online examination software in the market with useful features. Take the powerful online exam software LAN Exam Maker as an example. Educational institutions, schools and enterprises can customize the logo, domain and the title of the homepage to develop an online testing platform with their own characteristics.

 custom homepage.png

Anti-cheating Exams

Besides the custom feature provided by LAN Exam Maker, there are also many more helpful features supported by LAN Exam Maker, for instance, automatic grading, practice mode exams, transcripts generation, statistical analysis and powerful anti-cheating features that include switching screen limit, screen lockdown, real-time proctoring, AI proctoring, face recognition and no copying and pasting, etc. . Anti-cheating features provided by LAN Exam Maker can effectively prevent candidates and applicants from cheating to maintain the integrity of the exams.

 LAN anti-cheating.png

If you are interested in the customizable online examination system, you can download and have a free trial of LAN Exam Maker to find out if it meets your needs.

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