How to realize the automatic monitoring effect of the camera invigilator of LAN exam software?

Due to COVID-19, online exam has been a necessary way to study online. Can online examination truly restore the invigilator function of offline examination?


Some people may doubt that the function of camera invigilator of LAN exam software is just the function of snapshot, isn’t it? In fact, LAN exam system on the market, in the aspect of anti cheating, has very rich means, such as intelligent anti-cheating function.


The following is to introduce how to automatically detect cheating behaviors  by using intelligent anti-cheating function in LAN exam system.


In addition to the ability to capture the candidates, the camera invigilator function of LAN exam system can automatically and intelligently detect the candidates’ actions, sounds and exam environment , etc. For example:

  • Test takers are detected to make bow, turn and other suspected action.
  • Voice can be detected during test.
  • No face is detected (the face is not within the range of the camera or is blocked).
  • Multiple faces can be detected.
  • Substitute candidates can be detected (used with face recognition).


When intelligent anti-cheating monitoring function is turned on, if the candidates’ face is not in the lens for more than 10 seconds, the examination paper will be forced to be submitted; if the face recognition function is turned on at the same time, the number of times of detection of “face is not himself” and that of forced handover can be set, which can effectively prevent cheating test;



Similarly, the detection of candidates’ small actions is also very sensitive. During the examination, if candidate bow, turn or make other actions, the system will judge that they may be suspected of cheating and give a warning. If this behavior occurs more than the set number of times, the system will force them to hand in the paper immediately.



The above is the introduction of the intelligent anti cheating function of LAN exam software. If you are interested in this function. Why not have a try for free?


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