Useful Tool to Conduct an Online Exam – LAN Exam Maker

During the Covid-19 lockdown, teaching is moved online so as exams. LAN Examination System, such as LAN Exam Maker would be a useful tool for conducting an online exam.

Using LAN examination system to conduct online exams will be time-saving and will also reduce the exam cost for teachers. Online Exam Maker is a professional LAN examination system with powerful functions. And exams can be created within four simple steps: firstly fill in basic information; then select questions; add settings; finally an exam is created.

And then after the exam is created, administrators can share the link or QR code to the exam with their students and they can also post it on their social platforms.


Students can click the link to take the exams and after they hand in the exam, the system will do the grading automatically. And candidates can get instant feedback if it is set by administrators.

Can online proctored exams be conducted?

Online proctored exams can be conducted in LAN Exam Maker. One of the most powerful functions that supported by LAN examination system.

Screen switching limit and interruption limit, administrator can limit the times that candidates are allowed to switch screen and to abort the test therefore they will not be able to switch the screen or stop the test to look for answers;

Full screen mode, once a candidate enter an exam, he or she will enter the full screen mode and he or she will not be able to exit the mode unless the paper is handed;

No copying or pasting, candidates can not copy the questions to search for answers and paste them during an online exam conducted in Online Exam Maker;

Surveillance camera, during the exam, surveillance camera can be turned on by the administrator and administrator can also view the candidates’ real-time proctoring screen;

Face recognition, candidates have to pass the face matching process to take the exam;

Once the intelligent anti-cheating monitoring is on, multiple candidates, candidate authentication, candidates’ behaviors and the sound environment of the exam can be detected by the system.

And after the exam, rich statistical analysis can be also provided by the system.

What else useful functions can users apply when using LAN Exam Maker to conduct an online exam?

Users can also use these functions provided by LAN Exam Maker.

  1. Can import questions to develop question bank and manage questions by category;
  2. Can import students’ information in batches;
  3. Can customize homepage;
  4. Sub admins can be set up to help with management;
  5. Both manual grading and auto grading available;
  6. Be able to create questionnaires;
  7. Support answering essay questions with pictures, recordings and attachment;

If you are interested in LAN examination system, you can have a free trial of LAN Exam Maker.

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