Conducting exam online becomes very popular now? What are benefits of this mode?

Under the influence of COVID-19, more and more people chose to conduct exams online.

In enterprises or educational institutions, more and more people are already using the LAN examination system.

Online exams will help us a lot, such as in corporate training assessment and online teaching in educational institutions. In this case, the online exam system has also become very popular.

What are benefits of conducting online exams?

Compared with traditional exams, the online exam system is suitable for different enterprises, institutions, government agencies, and schools. It meets the needs of different customers according to the characteristics of different industries.

The online examination system has the following advantages.

Easily to create an exam, and support to take exam on mobile phone.

It only takes a few steps to create a test paper in the online test system. And we just share the  link to the candidates and they can answer the questions on their mobile phones.


Online management is more convenient.

The system supports test paper management, question bank management, and candidate management. The administrator can also add sub-accounts to assist his.


Statistical analysis of data without manual statistics.

The online examination system can provide independent examination reports for candidates, and each candidate can find out their own deficiencies and strengthen their study.


There are many more functions of the online examination system, such as our LAN Exam Maker, which can help users improve the reliability, effectiveness and work efficiency of the examination, reduce the examination cost.


The progress of science and technology is nothing more than to provide more convenience to human beings, which is why the LAN examination system has become a new trend.

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