When choosing online examination system, what need to be considered?

When choosing online examination system, what need to be considered? please refer to the following and get some inspirations on choosing a perfect online examination system.

>First, can the online examination system meet what I need?

You need to take these into consideration: 

1. What kind of network you prefer? 

2. Do you want the online exam to be more private and availbale for a range of people?

3. How many examinee will attend in your online exam?

4. Do you want to create different kinds of exam, like quizzes, questionnaires?


We are here offer you 2 accesses of online examination system. This system can run not only in the Internet network but also the LAN network.

>Second, is the price of the online examination system high? 

Prices are various. 

About the LAN Exam Maker, there are 2 versions: standard version and professional version.

1. Standard version: $799
Can access to LAN, supporting 300 candidates to take exam simultaneously.

2. Professional version: $999

Can access to LAN and Internet, supporting over 1,000 candidates to take exam simultaneously.

We provide free upgrade for lifelong if you choose lump-sum payment.

The higher the virsion, the more thefunctions. 

>Thirdly, is it complicated to create and conduct online exams?

In using the online exam system, it is very easy and convenient to create and conduct online exams in a user-friendly operation interface.

Step 1. Online Exam Information:

Enrich the exam information like the name, description and words for sharing. Choose a beautiful cover fitting your exam.

Step 2. Online Exam Questions Adding:

Flexible way to build your test: fixed or random types of exam paper.

Select questions directly or proportionally to form your exam.

Support various question types and batch import thousands of questions

Step 3. Online Exam Setting:

Hundreds of settings, such as: time and permission limit, anti-cheating or result page settings, suitable for various exams

Step 4. Online Exam Releasing:

Send the link or QR code to candidates; support to take exam on PC or mobile phone.


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