What industries may need to organize online exams?

Many industries need to organize online exams. 

What kinds of industries?

First, the common known education industries: including but not limited to primary schools, junior schools, high schools, universities, education institutions.

Second, is the state-owned enterprises: such as public transportation group, hospitals, customs, banks and so on.

Private enterprises: such as some financial groups, the world top 500 Enterprise and some group companies and so on.


Why these industries need to organize online exams?

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Here is some big views on this questions.

1.For assessment

In terms of schools and educational institutions, carrying out exams is really normal and common. However, considering the current situation, many schools and educational institutions of most of the regions have been asked to suspended. Therefore, exam online is appropriate and useful.

2.For recruitment

To have a better employee solution, conducting professional recruitment exams is a suggested measuring way. Each exam has its meaning and measure director. Those exams used for are built upon a comprehensive evaluation of key factors that are significant for success in work. Some factors which predict success, such as reasoning skills, are difficult to assess from resumes, application forms, or interviews alone. The abilities such as concentration, memory, reading are also needed to be proved by some tests. Therefore, online recruitment exams are greatly used to assess various skills using standardized exams which has been developed and validated to predict the success in fulfilling the requirements of the work.

3.For evaluation

There are hundreds of staff of some group companies. It is not easy to manage so many staff for the final evaluation. In case of this, evaluation by one-stop exams becomes more efficient and useful.


How can these industries organize online exams?

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