We’re Calling For Inviting You to Create Your Own Exam System

No matter you want to try creating your first exam system, or you simply want to take more actions, join us, the LAN exam system called LAN Exam Maker, for the first exam system creation. Create a unique exam system to customize in your own brand, supporting mass exams, comprehensive statistic analysis, and more.

LAN exam system for enterprises, institutions, government, schools and education institutions to create exams.

LAN Exam System Actions makes it easy to customize all your software. You can build, test, and deploy your domain name to the LAN Exam System. And you can also make exams, candidates management, and issue quizzes or questionnaires the way you want. 

Even better, it’s now easier than ever to conduct exams using LAN Exam System.


LAN Exam Maker is of great convenience and efficient for users to easily organize the exam even without network and for candidates to test and practice anytime and anywhere. Under the circumstance of Internet connection, it is also a big popularity to combine examinations with the Internet.

The data security can be absolutely ensured. LAN Exam Maker is programmed by APACHE, MYSQL, and GO, its system is simple to extend on the basis of B/S mode. LAN Exam Maker can be used not only on the Internet but also on the LAN.

Here are just a few LAN Exam Maker Characteristics to inspire you:

1. Two versions with different functions and customer services for you to select, such as the intelligent anti-cheating function and camera surveillance.

2. No need for R&D team, just download the LAN Exam Maker program and install it.

3. Access with LAN and Internet at the same time, with strong stability.

4. Standalone server management with high efficiency.

5. Free upgrade for lifelong if you choose lump-sum payment.


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