How LAN Examination System Works?

The impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being seen in every aspect. 

Jobs and education are all engaging in the hardship from a pandemic that is shattering every corner of the world.

All education institutions have been closed, but students are required to take lessons and prepare for exams, and so exam systems, like LAN Exam Maker, have been created to continue to conduct exams, but how smooth is that going?

As a LAN exam system, LAN Exam Maker is an examination system independently developed by Smlme Team, which is suitable for enterprises, institutions, government, schools and education institutions to create exams through LAN or Internet. The system supports users to organize exams, and supports candidates to take exams on PC or Mobile Phone. Besides, LAN Exam Maker owns comprehensive data analysis functions, which provides convenience for users to handle the exam situation in all aspects.

What does LAN exam system aim to do?

Organizing Exams: Exams can be created in 7 kinds of questions, such as multiple choice, fill in blank, true or false, comprehensive questions and so on.

Revising Automatically: The system can automatically revise the exams based on the correct answers you have provided.

Functions of LAN Exam Maker 

Candidates Management: Administrators can batch import the candidates information. Also, assigning some sub-administrators are allowed and helpful to manage your candidates. 

Exams Management: You can create exams and notify candidates to attend. All the exams will be listed in the system. You can check back the exams and make some new settings on it.

Questions Bank: The questions bank contains all the questions you have created and uploaded. You can check each question about its detailed information, like accuracy, error rate and so on.

Intelligent Anti-cheating: When exam online, the restriction on the screen-switching times is really helpful to prohibit examinee search for answers on Google or wiki. Also, the real-time camera supervision and face recognition are provided to help anti-cheating.

Features of LAN Exam Maker

Customize Your Own Brand: In this system, you are allowed to upload your logo and addon domain, make a personalized background for your exam , build you exclusive exam system as well as having a good knowledge of all the exam data.

Supporting Mass Exams: The system supports the mass exam with high concurrency. Users can build up exams with random questions and utilize the anti-cheating functions while examining.

Comprehensive Statistical Analysis: You can group all the candidates with score ranking. What’s more, it is easy to make a comparative analysis about scores between the students in different brunches.

Stable, Safe and Efficient System: Programmed by APACHE, MYSQL and GO, the system is simply extended with high security and B/S mode.

If you want to create exams on an exam system, LAN Exam Maker is a good container. Download free now. Why not have a try?