Is there Free LAN Based Exam System for Training Exams?

In private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, there are different kinds of staff training and exams, such as orientation, ideological education, potential training, technical and professional quality training, and so on.

The fundamental purpose of enterprise training is to realize the common development of employees and enterprises. 

The specified proposes are as follows: 

(1)Improve employees qualification and promote employee development; 

(2)Improve performance, provide motivation and ensure effective work; 

(3)Talent reserve; 

(4)Cultivation of corporate culture. 

Organizing a training as usual now is not reasonable and unsafe since people are restricted on free movement during the pandemic.

But enterprises still need to maintain their work performance, staff professional knowledge base and evaluation because most of them have been working online.

Can I organize training exams as usual with stability, efficiency and privacy? What kind of free exam software can I use?

Here recommend a free LAN Based Exam System called LAN Exam Maker.

The exam system based on the LAN network, LAN Exam Maker, can let you continue your training, exams organizing as usual with more convenience, flexibility and fairness.

Several awesome factors are appealing you to create training test in LAN Exam Maker.

1. The operating interface is user-friendly and concise.


2. High system stability and better reliability.

All the data is safe. Any accesses to the system will need to pass the security verification. Those without authorities will be blocked out.

3. Powerful candidates management system. 

You can manage your staff information here. Each staff’s exam record can be traced and analyzed.


4. Professional validation of taking exams.

5. Build a huge question bank to meet the needs of any types of examination.

6. Comprehensive test paper analysis system. The system can revise the exam and produce a comprehensive report for you.


LAN Exam Maker is a free test system based on LAN network. Download free now.