Essential Functions that we should consider when choosing a LAN Based Examination Software

Just like buying supplies, when choosing a LAN Based Examination Software, we must not be arbitrarily. We must compare with similar software and their functions before purchasing the one we like most.

Actually, before choosing, we can also list the Essential functions that we think the system must have.

Now, lets see what essential functions that we should consider when choosing a LAN Based Examination Software.

Question Bank

Question management is essential for a mature LAN examination system. Questions should be able to be imported in batches or added one by one. Also questions should be able to be managed by category. Users should be able to develop a question bank of their own.



Exam Management

Exams should be easily created in the examination system. For example, like in LAN Exam Maker, it takes four simple steps to create an exam. The exams can be managed by category. The administrator should be able to set up the exam duration, exam mode, results page, and so on.


Anti-cheating Features

To maintain the integrity of the exam, powerful anti-cheating features, such as switching screen limit, interruption limit, face recognition, surveillance camera, AI proctoring, no copying or pasting should be provided by a mature LAN examination system to meet the needs of the schools and educational institutions.

 AI proctoring.png

Student Management

To make it convenient for users, students’ information should be able to be imported into system in batches. And users can also add students’ information one by one. Students’ information should be able to be managed by group, class, etc. .


Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is indispensable for an online examination system. Rich statistical analysis should be provided by the system, including the average score, the lowest score, the highest score, the pass rate, fail rate, correct answer rate, etc. Therefore, teachers do not need to analyse the results by themselves. They can simply export the exam report.

data support.png

The above content is the necessary functions that we must consider when choosing the examination system. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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