Anti-cheating functions from LAN Exam Maker helps you plug those cheating loopholes!

Cheating is indeed something we are more worried about. After all, online exams are not inspected by invigilators like classroom exams. It does make room for cheating even greater.

So how can we plug those cheating loopholes? When organizing online exams, are you also worried about candidates cheating? Then, LAN Exam Maker, a examination software with powerful anti-cheating functions can help you!

What anti-cheating features does LAN Exam Maker have?

Switching screen limit: to prevent candidates from cheating by searching for answers, switching screen limit can be set up so that every time candidates switch the page, the system will give a warning; and the system will hand in the paper automatically when it reaches the switching screen limit.

Screen lockdown: with the feature on during an exam, candidates will enter the full screen mode and candidates will not be able to exit the mode until the paper is submitted. Therefore, students can not be distracted by social Apps or search for answers.


AI Camera proctoring: AI proctoring is also provided by online examination system. With the feature on, the sound environment, the movement of the candidates, the identity of the candidate, etc. can be detected by the system.

What'more, teachers can proctor the exam at the administrators back-end, watching the real-time multi-screen monitoring to make sure that students behave themselves during the exam. The administrator can send a warning to the candidates who are suspected of cheating.


Those powerful functions do help users plug the cheating loopholes and build up a serious online exam platform.

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