No Internet: LAN Exam System is A Exam Creator Helping Distance Learning

"It really shocked me that America is not able to provide online lessons as commonly as China." A netizen commented on a passage.

Some parts of Seattle might not able to carry out the online courses or online exam. Since not all families there have Internet. The students without Internet connections and computers objected to the online learning will fall behind those with Internet. Consequently, thinking about the fairness, the online courses were called off.

Why is it difficult to conduct the online learning? Generally, the first thing we think of online learning or online exam is Internet connection. Everything goes by the Internet. Why dont we just jump out such idea limitation? Online learning should not be restricted by the Internet. LAN learning is helping. Using the LAN exam system, just like the LAN Exam Maker, can build up an exam area under the LAN network.

LAN Exam Maker, a strong LAN exam system can be accessed to LAN and Internet. For those households without Internet connections are suitable to take exams in LAN network. There are books students can refer to while self-isolating at home. At the same time, a fair exam can also be held online to keep the normal learning schedule.


LAN Exam Maker
is able to conduct
 a 1,000-candidate exam simultaneously. While examining, anti-cheating settings guarantee the exam fairness. It allows you to customize the exam system, for example, you can add your logo, addon domains. Also, you can upload radios and videos when forming the exam to make it more interesting. We will provide considerate customer services and technical support lasting 16 hours everyday for you.

Lets download and begin to create an exam.