Does Online Exam System support the score ranking?

What is rank?
About the definition of “rank”: If you say that someone or something ranks high or low on a scale, you are saying how good or important you think they are.

Why ranking matters? Why ranking is important?
In some ways, rankings are the best option for determining the quality of colleges, universities and even the enterprises.It is evident that rankings do have a value as a reference and as basis for comparison. In the exam system, it also supports the ranking. This ranking can be useful for both examinee and exam organizers. For examinee, he/she can have a clear goal after acquiring the current position and try to pursue for the next exam. For the exam organizers, they can have a quick and direct view on the candidate’s evaluation performance.


When the candidates submit the exam, they can view the ranking list. On the ranking list, the time they have spent, the scores and the name can be viewed. Candidates can have a clear comparison.

In addition, exam organizers will acquire distinct answers to the following questions:
Who did best and who did worst?
✔ Who answered this question incorrectly?
✔ Who answered the questions quickly with high accuracy?
✔ Which group performed the worst in this exam type?

In pursuing better position in the rankings, most probably internal and external funding may tend to favor academic programs that are more inclined to get involved in the dynamics of progressing.

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