How can users purchase LAN Exam System on demand?

LAN Exam Maker is an examination system, which is suitable for enterprises, institutions, government, schools and education institutions to create exams through the Internet or LAN. The system supports users to organize exams, and supports candidates to answer questions on PC or Mobile Phone. Our LAN Exam Maker also has comprehensive data analysis functions, which provides convenience for users to handle the exam situation in all aspects.

There are 2 versions for LAN Exam Maker.

How can users purchase LAN Exam System on demand?

After acquiring the basic information about the LAN Exam Maker, it’s time to select a suitable version according to your own needs.

There are 2 versions: standard and professional version. You can try to answer the following questions to figure out which version is more suitable:

❶ Do you only want to use it on the Intranet for data security?

 How many candidates will attend in your exams?

 Do you need to improve the work efficiency by adding more administrators?

 Do you need anti-cheating function for guaranteeing your exam fairness?

 Do you want to build up your own exam system?

Features of Standard Version:
❶ Access to LAN: this version can be offline used.
❷ Supporting up to 300 candidates to take exam simultaneously.
❸ One administrator to manage the exams and candidates.
❹ Cannot support camera surveillance.
8-hour / 5-day online email support to promptly solve your problems.

Features of Professional version: 
❶ Access to LAN and Internet: this version can used on the LAN as well as the Internet. More flexible. 
❷ Supporting over 1,000 candidates to take exam simultaneously. 
❸ No limit to the number of administrators. Adding Sub-administrators can largely improve your manage efficiency. 
❹ More characteristic by adding your logo and add-on domains to the website. The home page could be used as your personal page. 
❺ More anti-cheating options for you, such as face recognition, camera surveillance, etc. 
❻ Support to upload radios and videos. 
16-hour / 7-day online email support to promptly solve your problems.