Is there Exam System with Automatic Scoring Function?

Are you tired of marking students’ exam papers?
Are you busy on other urgent and important issues?
Are you looking for a kind of exam system with automatic scoring function?

LAN Exam Maker, is exactly the exam system with automatic scoring function.
How can this exam system achieve the function?

LAN Exam Maker supports up to 10 types of question:
Multiple choice; Multiple response; Multiple select; True or False; Essay; Comprehension; Fill in the blank; Matching; Sorting; Cloze.

Customized question score solution are appealing to you! 
Automatic scoring
Questions like Multiple Choice, Matching, True or False, Sorting, Cloze can be automatically scored. The according real-time report on score analysis will be delivered. The fine data points such as each multiple-choice answer analysis will be produced.


Intelligent scoring
①For Multiple Answer questions: students can get proportional scores if they cannot select the whole right options. 
②Fill in the Blank questions:
Each blank has its score, so students can get scores as long as the students submit the right answer to each blank, then they can get the according score separately.
③Essay Questions:
The system can score by identifying whether the answer contains the keywords you provide. 

Manual scoring
For Comprehension questions, the answers of this kind are not only. They can be creative and optional. Manual scoring is a reasonable way. In order to be more efficient, giving the permission to sub-administrators to mark exams by questions or exams.


Is it really a proper exam system with automatic scoring function. Strongly suggest you to download (it is FREE!) it to have a try!