Is there any restriction on question types for organizing online exams ?

Since the exams are conducted online, it is normal and common that raising some worries, especially about the question types. Accordingly, is there any restriction on question types when organizing online exams? Hope this passage illustrating on 3 aspects can clear your confusion.

1.How many question types can be supported?
Exam System, for example, LAN Exam Maker, supports basic question types for organizing online exams as the traditional ones.
Basic types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True or False, Fill in the Blank, Cloze, Essay Question, Comprehension Question, Matching, Sorting, Uncertainty choice question.


In spite of those basic types, the question types could be abundant.
2. How to enrich the question stem?
Exam System encourages users to enrich questions with expanded types by adding pictures, videos, audios and formulas.
Through one exam, students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing should be largely assessed to the greatest extent. Only the basic questions are insufficient.
To illustrate, questions with pictures mainly assess students’ critical thinking and reasoning abilities, involving the understanding on the pictures, conversation, relationship, comparison and so on. Questions with videos mainly assess students’ information grabbing ability and information acquisitioning ability. Questions with audios mainly assess students’ capabilities on discriminability, understanding, reaction and spelling on words and sentences. The listening questions Questions with formulas mainly used in the science subjects. This will evaluate students’ formula application and understanding. 

3.Can students have any other way to answer questions
For convenience, the exam system provides setting for examinee that they can upload recordings, pictures, and documents when answering the essay questions.


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