Examine in a LAN System: Can Online Exam be Safe and Private?

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has deeply influenced the way enterprises and schools operate. Recently, organizations around the globe have transitioned millions of employees and students to remote working and learning to keep their community safe. 

Technology shifts the way people manage things. The coronavirus pushes the spread of application of the LAN exam systems including our LAN Exam Maker.


Implicated by the severe worldwide coronavirus, stuff cannot gather to their offices where they could work together with the same network. Students are informed to leave schools where they gather around to have classes in the classroom. Both working with the same network and studying in the schools are safe and private. 

But can online exams in LAN system be safe and private too? 

Of course! As long as setting up a local area network (which is known as LAN), the files, personal information, messages sending or other resources sharing become safe and private. That’s why we say that our LAN exam system can provide safe and private exam services.


LAN Exam Maker is programmed by PHP, Mysql, Redis and Golang. The codes are inspected by our specialists to guarantee statistic safety. Each data access need to pass the safety verification. Those accesses without authorities will be prevented. What's more, the system keeps regular updating and bug fixes for further data safety insurance. In addition, users’ constant data backup is suggested.

LAN Exam Maker is seizing this opportunity to offer professional training and exams services to help empower your students and employees in keeping their development for study or business after COVID-19.

If you are looking for a LAN exam system, please have a try for our LAN Exam Maker, download free now.