How LAN Exam System Responds to New Situation on Online Learning?

Just like most people, you have made an annual plan from the beginning of the year 2020. Perhaps you want to improve your stuff ability, enhance students’ knowledge, teach a new skill, or recruit some newblood. How are you doing on those for such a global hard situation? But we know that, life probably keeps going in the way no matter what will happen while you get troubles in achieving your goals.

Learning, training and examining used to be easy and accessible before COVID-19 since we can freely go outside, meet prople. But now the tradition offline trainning classes get troubles. Our LAN exam system, LAN Exam Maker, has upgraded that process by offering online one-stop exam service based on the safe and stable LAN network. 

Forming and sharing an exam is now as easy as making an annual plan. Our clients worldwide have transformed their evaluating and training mode thanks to LAN Exam Maker.



Online learning, online examining and online working have undoubtedly become a new trend in such a great intelligent information era. And unexpectedly the coronavirus exposure has added a gasoline on it.

“How does your LAN exam system work to tackle with this new situation on online learning?” 

LAN Exam Maker is widely used in various large-scale concurrent examination such as employee training assessment, quiz and competition, practice, certification exam, etc. The installed LAN Exam Maker works to organize the exam without no network connection!

“I don’t own a professional team for technical support. I cannot figure out the network and program operation.”

Easy to install, automatic data backup.

LAN Exam Maker will be deployed automatically during installation process. Free from the complicated technical operations because we will provide the full-set technical support for you. 

“I am afraid that there is someone means to no good might hack into our system to steal our company’s private information through the Internet. ”

Programmed by APACHE + MYSQL + GOLANG, LAN Exam system is simple to extend with high security and B/S mode. Every access to the system need to pass the safety verification for preventing those accesses without any authorities. By the way, it can be used not only on the Online network, but also on the LAN.

Having worries to the LAN exam system is unavoidable since there are still some people have no enough information about this exam system. Because of the severe coronavirus, authorities and medical experts kept appealing to the public to comply with the measures, such as staying at home as much as possible, maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask when going outside and washing hands frequently. So, why not make good use of this suspension to deeply training and improvement for your stuff or students.


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