Is there any LAN examination APP or software suitable for company training?

Employee training is considered quite important for a companys development. However, it is not that convenient for companies to organize offline training, especially for those large enterprises that have employees around the country and it is also cost-consuming. Thus, it seems that online training is the solution for companies. So is there any LAN examination App or software suitable for company training?

LAN Exam Maker is online examination App that is well developed for company training. It can be used for company training and training assessment tests, and it also provides rich statistical analysis.

For company training

Employee training courses can be created in LAN Exam Maker and they can be managed by category. Before creating the training courses, courseware including audio, video, picture, Excel, Word, PPT, TXT, and PDF can be uploaded to the system to prepare for the training course creation.

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For training assessment

It is always a problem for companies to track the training result after training. And with LAN Exam Maker, the administrator can add relevant training assessment tests to the training courses. Thus, employees can take the training assessment tests after finishing learning the training courses.

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Rich statistical analysis

Rich statistical analysis about the courses and the assessment tests is also provided by LAN Exam Maker, including employees learning progress of the courses, the score of the assessment tests, etc, which can be viewed by the administrator anytime for reference.

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Whats more, LAN Exam Maker can also be used for recruitment. If your company needs an examination App for employee training, why not have a free trial of LAN Exam Maker?

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