How can I make online exam more funny and attractive?

Normally, exams are tedious and difficult. Students or staff who need to take exams may show a resistance. But this resistance to exams is a funny thing. It can feel huge, but it starts to vanish as soon as the examinee take the tiniest action towards getting the exam done. Which means, once examinee have been appealed to the exam, they are willing to finish and try to receive good marks. So how can exam organizers to make online exams more funny and attractive? Our LAN Exam Maker offers 3 methods for you.

★ First: visual impact

For the interface of registration page, online exams, quiz game, online course, users can make some personalization, such as setting the exam theme and background image. Beautiful, interesting or concise images that fit the exam theme well can be a direct way to attract examinee. In our LAN Exam Maker, you can choose a proper and beautiful style and background image from given image library or you can just upload the image you favor.

★ Second, create a prize exam with giving pocket money or gifts.
People like surprises. If they can win some pocket money or gifts with perfect marks by attending exam, they would be more likely to attend. In LAN Exam Maker, exam organizers can set this. Examinee who has reached the acquired scores can have the right to obtain the pocket money or gift. This would be the most appealing method.


★ Third, create a prize quiz game.
If you want to make the exam more interesting or create a knowledge competition, you can create a quiz game! In our exam system, users can create an interesting game and add prize. When candidates advance the game, rewards will be unlocked. How to create a quiz game? Please click here for detailed instruction.

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