Introduction of a good LAN Based Exam System

Maybe you are fresh for knowing the LAN Based. So the first step is to understand the concept.

♠ Brief Introduction
LAN based exam system is an exam system based on the B/S Architecture in local area network.
The B/S architecture adopted in the LAN Exam Maker means the operation way of browse and server. Users just need to download the exam system in a server that can create and publish the exams to others. Candidates just need a mobile phone or a computer that can attend and finish the exams.


♠ Who are in need of the LAN Based Exam System?
As for the government and large enterprises that pay attention to the strict data security, applying the LAN Exam Maker is more suitable to create and release exams for the reason that LAN Exam Maker can independently run the intranet. 


♠ What are the advantages of LAN Exam Maker?
✔ The LAN Exam Maker supports higher concurrency.
No matter how many candidates attend the exam, the system can run as still as smoothly and efficiently.

✔ The LAN Exam Maker supports more powerful systematic backstage management.
This backstage is designed in PHP script to support the development and implement of new functions.

✔ The operation of backstage and examination is separate, which means that the exam will not be affected if something wrong happened in the backstage.


LAN Exam Maker could be a good choice if you are seeking for a LAN Based Exam System. Get to download now for a FREE try on then.