LAN Exam Maker have released a new version 2.12

Today( 06/20/2016 ), we are pleased to release the new version of LAN Exam Maker 2.12, in this version we have added some important feature and fixed some bugs, which listed below:

what's new in version 2.12 

  1. Added custom field to gather test's data, support select predefined values
  2. Fixed could not preview exam problem
  3. Fixed multiple select questions imported from the excel file, the right answer and the options in wrong order.
  4. Fixed available exams for students could not be open problem.
  5. Fixed could not open exam's details data page problem
  6. Fixed could not import students data from excel file problem
  7. Fixed could not random select questions from the bank to a exam when questions source seted to pre-select questions for a exam.
  8. Fixed when haven't set the collection data of a students, then take the exam shows no permissions problem
  9. Fixed some language details.
The details information
Custom field of gather test's information
With LAN Exam Maker 2.12, you can now add your own fields to fetch the data your want from tests.
You can input comma seperated values in the default value blank, then this feild will display as a select list for the tests to select
For example, the above image shown the state information.
In LAN Exam Maker, you can now use preview button to preview your exam, testing, quiz, without leave a taken record, by preview a exam, you can view how this exam displays, how it works, but have no data been saved to the taken record table, will not affect the statistic information.
Now, start to download and upgrade LAN Exam Maker now.