LAN Exam Maker have released a new version 2.13

Today( 08/17/2016 ), we are pleased to release the new version of LAN Exam Maker 2.13, in this version we have added some important feature and fixed some bugs, which listed below:

what's new in version 2.13

  1.  Added tip message for having numbers of question have been answered at the exam taking page, also, a student now must double check he or she really want to submit the exam.
  2. Fixed the display error of how many questions have been answered or haven't been answered.
  3. Added Essay question type, Case study question type to LAN Exam Maker
  4. Added if a exam have some questions with type of Essay question or Case study question, then when student have submited the exam, student's will not show the score, until the teacher, administrator have reviewed the exam and gived the grade.
  5. Fixed can't setting the logo problem at the setting page.
  6. Optimized support for IE 8
  7. Add more user friendly tips for group operation.
  8. Some other small fixes.

 There a some question haven't been answered

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