Lack of R&D Team, is there any system can deal with the online exam?

Working on the Internet with computers is very convenient, popular and necessary now, especially during the epidemic. However, not everyone is familiar with the operation of Internet. It is very common that users cannot solve well while problems occur. In this case, if you want to conduct the online exams but lack of the knowledge of Internet using, we are happy to offer you a professional online exam maker. LAN Exam Maker is a good choice for those with no R&D Team or know little about the computer operation.

Shortly introduce the LAN Exam Maker independent deployment structure.

Independent Deploy

The system of LAN Exam Maker supports the independent deploy, which means this system can be installed towards an independent server. Once applying the installation package, all the components used to the exams will be installed automatically. This is largely help you out of the technical questions. Install, click and use.

LAN Exam Maker can be deployed in your own computer room, also in the cloud server. With one independent IP address can provide exams through the whole Internet. By the way, we are willing to offer you a complete technical service, please feel free to contact us if you need.

Domain Name

As long as the client's server has an independent IP address and a registered domain name, you can set the domain name resolution to the server IP, so that you can directly use your domain name for the exam management in the future.


In order to prevent conflicts with the existing system on the server, LAN Exam Maker uses 5858 as the service port by default. If necessary, you can modify the port you need, such as port 80.

We also provide technical support to guide how to modify the port in case.

Lack of R&D Team or know little about the computer operation, lets come to LAN Exam Maker. Download free now.